The Vacuum Diffuser in action at farms



The Vacuum Diffuser System

The Vacuum Diffuser system works in residential or commercial systems that pull fluids from a reservoir, canal, lake etc. and may also be used for “trash” pump configuration. The system mechanically screens debris while drawing fluid from 360 degrees in order to diffuse vacuum forces at the source of fluid capture. These elements combine to enhance fluid flow and increase the pump lifespan.

What’s more? The Vacuum diffuser system works in harmony with the existing hydraulic conditions.

Features and Benefits

    • The patented design reduces suction forces at fluid entry point, reducing any maintenance associated with debris clogged pipes and check valves
    • Lower loads on the system lead to a smaller energy foot-print without reducing GPM
    • No moving parts & no electronics; composed of UV-resistant PVC that sustains even the harshest environments
    • Diverts fluid flow to 360˚ pull across multiple levels which avoids vortex formation and allows fluid to flow evenly to the pump