Vacuum Diffuser System

Refine  Flow. Reduce   Energy. Re-think  Safety

Pool and spa companies internationally use the revolutionary ProteKtor drain protection system to keep their drains safe and decrease their energy foot-print. Buy yours today!

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Vacuum Diffuser System

Refine Flow

A patented parabolic profile reduces turbluence of flowing water, reducing forces generated in the entire drain pump system.

Reduce Energy

Lower loads on the system reduce the energy foot-print of the drain pumps

Re-think safety

No more entrapments or clogged sumps. The Vacuum Diffuser system makes your drain system inherently safe.

CE Certified

The Vacuum Diffuser System is now CE certified and available for purchase all across the European Economic Area (EEA). Buy yours today

Installed around the world

The ProteKtor™ has been successfully deployed in the USA, Canada, Cameroon, Columbia, Rwanda, Switzerland, Uganda and Vietnam. Click Here to see a world map of all installation locations.


Featured in USA Today

We appreciate USA Today educating pool and spa owners of the benefits of using the ProteKtor to keep drains safe!Read the article here.

Not your average drain protection

The Vacuum Diffuser system works in residential or commercial systems that pull fluids from a reservoir, canal, lake etc. and may also be used for “trash” pump configuration. The system mechanically screens debris while drawing fluid from 360 degrees in order to diffuse vacuum forces at the source of fluid capture. These elements combine to enhance fluid flow and increase the pump lifespan.